Happy Mid-Year!

Happy Mid-Year!

Oh, have you not heard of that? It’s probably because I just made it up. BUT come to find out there’s plenty of people that know this idea! It’s like a New Year, bringing hope, resolutions and a great outlook, but it’s the middle of the year. Sometimes, the regular day needs to be celebrated.

I have especially fallen in love with this term- well I guess more of the ideals behind it. On this second half of my 2018 I’m setting new resolutions and changing my outlook (again). As most of you have come to find out I quit my full-time-benefits-included-secure job and left it for…well my happiness. I’ve been asked a lot how “retirement” is going and you know what? IT’S FUCKING FABULOUS. Talk about taking back my life. I feel like I sound like one of those people in the third week of January who have yet to realize the gym is going to take a disciplined mind. In my instance I know what this second half of the year fully requires of me and I’m beyond dedicated to give it my all.

So, you know the phrase that goes something along the lines of each day brings a new opportunity to change your life? Well, it’s true. I promise you it is. The only thing that’s standing in your way of that life changing decision is yourself. That one is true too, even if it is hard to hear. You are your biggest obstacle. Those great people you admire living the life you want to live did things before they were a 100% percent ready and you can to. Do you think they really have it all figured out? They really don’t and neither do I. But here I am, living my dream and my best life. Sure I’ll fail a few times and make mistakes but that’s how I’ll learn. That’s the only way I can help others not make the same mistakes.

Have you ever thought of hiring a coach? I know I have, I’m actually looking for one right now, but I won’t ask the obvious questions. I want to know about the time they hit rock bottom so hard that they came within inches of giving up and what changed their mind to continue anyways. I want to know about the time they gave advice to someone and it went horribly wrong. I want to know what makes them laugh during their day. Odd questions I feel like but I know if they can’t handle some curve balls we can’t work together. Do you see what I’m getting at? “THE MASTER HAS FAILED MORE TIMES THAN THE BEGINNER HAS EVEN TRIED.”

So, stop letting fear cripple you. Stop with the excuses and procrastinating. None of us know what we’re doing 100%. Tell me your mid-year resolutions! Happy Mid-Year loves!!

Much love, Ali

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