Leading Myself

Do you know how hard it is to listen to JUST yourself? Without interference from anyone else? Of course you do, because we’re all trying to figure this life out. 

But really, it’s hard. I talk about it all the time how influencing influencers are on social media and how easily we’ve let family and friends’ opinions hold so much weight. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work (and continue to) to let those words just be. To let them be just. words. To be what they are and to digest them without attachment. Then to toward inward to check back with myself, my goals and my sketchbook of plans. 

Being a leader has always been so natural for me. I continuously excel and easily get promoted to leadership roles. Recently I’ve discovered it’s significantly harder to lead myself in lack of leading a team. Focusing my attention on others and guiding them to success is second nature, I’m the human form of a guide dog. Pushing myself to greatness? Reassuring myself that I got this and the steps I’m taking are actually leaps and bounds? Exhausting. Doubtful. Fake confidence. A daily motto of let’s see what happens as I shrug to myself. 

So, acknowledging these struggles I began to zoom out on my life. Kinda take a god-like perspective and see the big picture, the whole landscape. Which in turn helped to listen to myself better. It made me realize no one else is on this same path, no one has done or is doing what I’m doing. So why let anyone’s opinion shift my intuition. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t take others’ advice, opinions or helpful tricks fall on deaf ears. It just means I don’t let them override my own voice. This has also helped me stay in my present moment and subside anxiety. 

Remember that everything and everyone doesn’t always deserve a reaction from you. 

Much love, Ali

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