It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. We get into our heads about how we should be and act, how situations should feel or turn out and basically just how life should be overall. I’ve been learning a lot about non-attachment and how it applies to our expectations of things. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have expectations. Simply stating that some times our expectations get in the way of truly living in the moment and appreciating it for what it truly is. As for myself…

It’s been in my head for quite some years now, more recently though I’ve expected myself to live up to “be inspiring”. Living life to the beat of my own drum really does inspire people. So that’s what I’ve put in my head to be. Inspiring. Well, that’s great and all but not when I can’t just ramble on here for whatever reason. Because I don’t deem it inspiring. So, if you start to see more of my just regular day to day life on here that’s why. I can’t promise I’ll keep up with this, as much as I want to, but I can try to share more of the mundane.


I finally graduated yoga teacher training. Emotional whirlwind is not the right word for it… emotional waves on a sunny day is better. The emotions didn’t knock me down wondering what in the hell. As much as they washed over me, they left me. One thing always stayed though, like a sunny beach day: happiness. I spent nine amazing months with the my kinda people, the ones I didn’t know I had. It was transformational. It was so inspiring sharing space with those people. The final day was filled with so much laughter and, of course, tears. Damn is that group supportive though. And loving.

Following this, I decided to take a social media hiatus. I had become aware how often I mindlessly reached for my phone, for social media. Why? I’m not quite sure. Mental boredom is my guess. About a month ago I was doing great social media wise. I was posting regularly, engaging with the community, building relationships, and staying up to date. During that time I was also questioning who was I really doing this for? For the 700 that follow me on Instagram? For the local people that see an advertisement I put out on Facebook? For my friends? Even for me? Most of the time I wasn’t quite sure honestly. For my business to grow I need social media, I need that exposure. I know this because it has already been proven to make me successful. I obtain new opportunities I wouldn’t have had the chance otherwise. What about living an intentional life though?

Much love, Ali

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