Conquering Change

Here are some different techniques I’ve used to embrace change in everyday life:


Yoga helps me slow down and minimize outside distractions. It allows me to focus on the moment I’m in and just take a break mentally. One of the best parts is how strong the yogi community is! Feeling overwhelmed? Lonely? Upset? Go to a yoga class. There’s so many types of classes out there it’s easy to find the one right for you! All of them offer a loving, accepting and helpful community. Especially the ones that are held at breweries. Nothing goes better together than yoga and beer, believe me.

To find yoga studios near you click Here Love craft beer and yoga too? In the Charlotte area? Click on Beer Yoga to find the best spot for you.


Society has this idea that a soulmate is a lover, and I strongly disagree. I’m sure everyone has an intimate soulmate but there are also platonic ones. Whether you’ve found one, or both, cherish those relationships. Everyone needs someone who listens, cares and is able to bring you back to reality when you’re in a downward spiral. My soul sister and I have gone through so much. She’s taught me that I’m not alone for feeling the way I do about anything. She’s also taught me that relationships are not always 50/50 and that’s perfectly fine.


One of the best ways to start feeling satisfied again is giving back. Getting involved with your community and people who are grateful for what you do is extremely fulfilling and uplifting. When you give your energy, your time, and your skills to others you gain appreciation for things in your life. Working with Habitat for Humanity and building houses with the future homeowners left me in awe. I had no prior home-building experience but it didn’t matter to them. I showed up and gave everything I could which was more than enough. In turn, that made me feel more than enough.

Looking for opportunities near you? Click here My personal favorite:

3 Word Practice

  1. Forgiveness. Practice everyday forgiving others for their misguided ways. Forgive them for any time they hurt you (side note: but never forget). Most importantly forgive yourself…for everything. You are your own worst critic, and there’s no need to be! Forgive yourself for all the “horrible” or completely “embarrassing” things you’ve done. We’re all humans and I promise we’ve all done it too. Practicing forgiveness will help you let go.
  2. NO. Say it. Now say it louder. You can say no to anything you want to. If you don’t feel like going out with your friends, then don’t. If you don’t feel like being intimate with your significant other, then don’t. Your soul, heart and mind know what they want. Don’t let others tell you what that is and don’t let people who don’t understand “no” be in your life any longer.
  3. Thankfulness. Say thank you! Not just to people but to life. Thank the universe, or the higher being, for everything it has given but also for everything it has taken away. Be thankful for all the better things coming into your life and all the things still in it. The more appreciative you are of giving and receiving the happier you will become.