My Motorcycle

So we’ve all got this list, right? The one with the qualities we’d like to find in a partner.  Well, I’ve been pretty ruthless with it recently. It’s solely because some of things I thought I’d like to find in another have just been an expression of what I’d like to find more in myself.

I 98% of the time err on the side of caution. So finding someone who can easily let loose was attractive until I realized I wanted that so it would help ME loosen up more. I’m not saying I still don’t find it attractive but I have finally figured out why. This may come off as selfish, I’m basically saying I’m looking for someone to help me be a better version of myself, but isn’t that what relationships are about? We’re looking for a partner, through thick and thin, BUT if we’re not reaching our highest selves who wants to stay?

There’s a Gloria Steinem quote: “We’re becoming the men we wanted to marry.” That resonates so much with me so much right now. I wanted someone free in their time, so I became an entrepreneur. I wanted someone passionate about not only what they do for work but in making the world a better place, so I followed my passions and am continuously finding various ways to volunteer in my community. I wanted someone who’s kind-hearted and a total badass, so I’ve practiced forgiveness and carry a don’t mess with me attitude.

I’m on verge of a breakthrough with what qualities I need a partner to have and what qualities I’d like to work on myself. I think it’ll boil down to something along the lines of loving, intelligent, funny, has as much as his shit together as the rest of us and can keep up me and my sarcasm. Also, if you see me with a motorcycle later this year, stay in your lane you know why I got it.

Love, Ali

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