What are you still settling for? An okay job? An okay group of “friends”? An okay lifestyle? Shit, even an okay relationship?

Why? LITERALLY THE ONLY REASON IS FEAR. Sorry not sorry for yelling. Somethings just need to be to get the message across. This being one of them. On a more calm note, let that shiiiiiiiiiit go. Let the fear and everything that follows go. Excuses? BYE. Complacency? BOI BYE. Letting your mental/spiritual/physical health down slide? KICK IT OUT AND CHANGE THE LOCKS.

You are capable of enormous amounts of amazing! You can manifest whatever life you want. Or you could take fear back in like a really horrible ex. It’s your choice, literally. Please stop choosing the “easy” path, the “comfortable” path. Make waves and move mountains! Why? Because that life you want isn’t going to come knocking on your door. Your true happiness can’t be bought on Amazon. If you try, if you put in the effort it can come just as fast into your life as their Prime membership shipping though. Real talk.

Everything you want can be manifested, as long as you take fear’s spot away. I’m not saying if you start to do this you won’t ever be afraid, that’s not reality, but you can be able to move through it. If you practice not accepting complacency you’ll be given the power to not let the doubts control you. I’m sure you’ve told yourself every excuse there is in the world, but they’re lies. And you should really stop lying to yourself. You are enough, you are worthy and you can be whoever you want to be. When your vibrating at your highest, best frequency it will attract your tribe. This means you will never be alone in your journey. You will be supported by a group of individuals who are on the same playing field. Whatever emotion you’re feeling, thought you’re thinking or experience you’ve been through I can say with 100% confidence that you’re not the only one. But you’ll never find this tribe unless you let fear go and put yourself out there.

Honestly, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you tired of being the reason you’re not living your best life?

Much love, Ali

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