Mornings, As If!

Mornings! Ughh!

I’m a morning person but damn sometimes it’s just hard to get out of bed in the am. Here’s my typical morning:

Some days Most days as soon as I open my eyes the to-do list starts rolling. I get up to pee, the dogs follow with possibly making a detour to use the bathroom outside themselves. If the dogs don’t join in the bathroom one of the cats does. Regardless, I don’t pee alone. Even if I wanted to the closed the door is met with batting of cat paws and dog whines. At this point I’m still not awake enough to look at my reflection so I grab some coffee, water or juice and scavenge for anything I feel like cooking/eating. See, I’m quite lazy in the morning. This whole morning routine is typically done while catching up on social media to see what I’ve missed or what lies ahead in everyone’s day. Sorry not sorry for stalking you. And this is time when my day starts rolling. I’m either off to do my side hustle, working on this blog or my upcoming website, or of course errands/chores. Do any of your mornings relate to this? I hope so because I can’t be alone in this.

For the last month or so I’ve looked into getting into a morning routine. And I’ve got my excuses as to why I haven’t done it yet. I’m starting to take it a little more seriously though because I desperately need some kind of routine. The start of your day really is the most important. It dictates the rest of your day, or even week. So, I’m challenging you (and myself) to reinvent the mornings.

For the month of August I’ll be doing an Insta progress “story”. If you’d like to participate or follow along I’ll be using (and I encourage you too) #amwithalissa. I’ll be doing an update once a week on Wednesdays. Some of the things I’ll do will be:

  • Waiting longer to check social media
  • Having a gratitude list
  • Set two goals for the day/week
  • Do morning yoga

I’ll be fluid in what my morning routine will turn into. Some days I may do different things and check in to see how I feel. Regardless, I’ll post my feelings and thoughts on these. I hope you follow along and engage!

Much love, Ali


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