I am…many things

What I’ve been most of 2019 is forgiving. It has unintentionally become my word of the year. Forgive. When I’ve … More

My Motorcycle

So we’ve all got this list, right? The one with the qualities we’d like to find in a partner.¬†¬†Well, I’ve … More


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on here. We get into our heads about how we should be … More

Leading Myself

Do you know how hard it is to listen to JUST yourself? Without interference from anyone else? Of course you … More

They Call Me Ali

Oh, jeez. I’ve been told that the easiest thing to talk to people about are themselves. People love to talk … More


  Quit muting the parts of you others can’t understand or accept. As a committed feminist I can go on … More

The Lie

So right now I’ve been reading the most amazing book because I loveeeeee self help books. It’s called Girl, Wash … More

Growing Pains

There’s literally nothing more I want than to inspire you. I want to inspire you to put fear, doubt, and … More


What are you still settling for? An okay job? An okay group of “friends”? An okay lifestyle? Shit, even an … More

Happy Mid-Year!

Happy Mid-Year! Oh, have you not heard of that? It’s probably because I just made it up. BUT come to … More