They Call Me Ali

Oh, jeez. I’ve been told that the easiest thing to talk to people about are themselves. People love to talk about them. I’ve used this technique for over ten years while making connections and loyal consumers in the customer service biz. Now that I’ve been asked about me and my mission it seems almost difficult to thoroughly express all these ideas in my head. Hence why I probably love sharing on social media and having a blog. That way I get out of my head, little by little, what I want to convey to yall. So, here’s a snippet of me and why I do what I do.

Like all of you, I’m sure, I’ve had my share of ups, downs and sideways. I strive to be someone people can relate to and feel comfortable enough to let down their walls. I do this with sharing my story, my life and all the crazy shit that happens in it. More than once I’ve laughed and been like no way is this real life- let alone my life. But it is! I try to embrace all of it fully.

I am a yogi, a blogger and a woman trying to change this messed up world for the better. I don’t like long walks on the beach nor do I keep calm and carry on. I’d rather sit on that beach, drink in hand laughing about something ridiculous with great people. Also, I don’t know if anyone would ever describe me being calm while carrying on. I’m much more of a bulldoze ahead kinda gal. So if you’re a little off-kilter, less than perfect and love a good belly laugh we’ll get along just fine.

Starting in April 2019 I’ll be a certified yoga teacher and all those descriptions you just read are why. I am no where near perfect, I probably drink too much beer, eat whatever I feel like, have bad road rage, cuss like a sailor and I’ll be one of the first to throw a punch. But the yoga community couldn’t care less. We are all peace, love, light but here’s the secret (most of us) have some go fuck yourself mixed in too. I fell in love with this tribe in 2015 when I started practicing yoga at a brewery and I’ve been addicted since. So much so, I quit my very stable well-paying career and jumped feet first into this yoga lifestyle.

Now I’m out here vibrating higher and spreading all the yoga love I can muster. Everyone deserves to feel better, physically, mentally and spiritually. So let’s connect, flow or hell just drink together. Keep up with me here or on my insta.

Much love, Ali


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