Growing Pains

There’s literally nothing more I want than to inspire you. I want to inspire you to put fear, doubt, and low self worth to the side. Those things, along with many other negative ideas, have no space in you. Their application for your time was denied.

You, yes you, can move mountains and have everything you’ve ever wanted. If there is anyone in your life that believes those statements to be untrue, um why are they still in your life? Misery loves company and those people are going to drag you down to their level. I know it’s sometimes difficult to rid your life of these people but it’s not impossible. It honestly just comes down to how much do you value your happiness and life over theirs? I will bet you none of those people would say you matter more than them. So stop treating them like they are more important! No one is going to make you a number one priority if you don’t do it first.

I believe in everything I’ve said because I’ve been there. I’ve doubted myself so much I gave up on me. I didn’t love myself enough that I looked for it in the attention of others. I didn’t prioritize my happiness enough so no one else did either. I’ve been on a journey to let go of this huge pride I’ve accumulated over the years, and let me tell you it’s so hard to do. My pride used to be so big I never knew how to ask for help. Thought I’d be considered weak for it. I thought for years that weak was such a negative, horrible thing to be. Until I realized it’s not, and that realization really hit home over the last year. This world is out to make you cold, unfazed and so strong that nothing bothers you. Um, excuse me? Things bothering you, having a warm heart and being weak enough to love someone other than yourself is one of the most courageous acts you could do.

With social media so relevant and easily accessible people have a hard time understanding that we’re all human too. I just can’t stress this enough that the people on the other side of the screen are just that, people. We all have low points, embarrassing moments and question our lives from time to time. These are some of the reasons I’ve promised myself, and yall, that I will always show the raw side of being human. I will always answer your questions honestly, even if I turn red from it.

It’s called growing pains for a reason right?

Much love, Ali

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  1. Growing pains are the hardest to overcome but teach us the most about ourselves! Glad to see I’m not the only one dealing with fleeting ups and prolonged lows – but it’s comforting to have others experiencing the same thing!


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