Self Love


If you were asked about the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

Why is that? What do you think is so bad about you? Whatever it is, it’s really not. I’ve doubted myself before and everyone else has too. Loving yourself can be a full time job but you can’t work 40 hours at a job and none on yourself! Self love is achievable if you work towards it. How much effort do you put in to loving yourself? Any at all?

I know how hard it is with jobs, life and getting caught up in the day to day to take the time. With all the marketing these days about how things we don’t have can make us better really make it tough to keep self love a priority. They say if we use this makeup will be more attractive, if you wear this cologne you’ll be more irresistible, if you drive this car you’ll feel richer. But will you really? No, probably not and if you do it won’t be long until there’s something better. One of the most important things you’ve got to remember is to stop comparing yourself. So what if they have a flatter stomach? Have you heard the way you laugh? I’d take that over abs any day. Who really cares if they drive a range rover? Do you think it’s ever been driven out past the city lights into the country under a blanket of stars with two people falling in love? I betcha not. There’s a yin to every yang. And I’ll be damned if the grass is ever really greener on the other side. So love yourself for who you are!

Putting yourself first isn’t selfish, its a necessity. It’s taking the time to show yourself love and appreciation. One of my favorite quotes is “You can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yourself up first”. You should be number one on the list of things you love, your own biggest fan. Because, honestly, if you keep putting all your faith onto others you’ll run out of faith. Not everyone thinks the way you do, or feels the same way, or loves the same and after a while that can wear you down if you relying on others too much. But, take a step back, start appreciating yourself for everything you are and you’ll regain happiness over your own life.

Need some help seeing the silver lining in yourself? Let me help!

Shoot me an email or DM on Insta and let’s chat.

Love, Ali

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